Love One Another

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Instead of trying to be on top and push others down, I want people to understand the meaning of life is to become brothers and sisters. There’s a brokenness and subconscious fear in our world and people need someone to tell them their worth is not defined by approval or affirmation. They need someone to dissolve the anxiety. They need someone to tell them they’re okay, and that the meaning of life is not to be on top, but to be brother and sisters. We have to hold our neighbors hand. We have to care for each other. Our success does not depend on “making it” and being worshipped and praised. Our success depends on helping people to know that they are not alone. The purpose of life is to love one another and to allow God to flow through us and be authentic and not judge and not hate, but instead to heal and share one another’s burdens, to speak our concerns and have them be welcomed with love. We are here to love one another. We are here to heal each other.

This EP is a chance for me to be completely authentic with people, because I have felt alone. I still feel alone. I’ve always felt alone deep down in my heart and I think a lot of people do – and I want people to know they are not alone. We are brothers and sisters, and only together can we thrive.



Photo by: Gina Scordos