New EP Coming Soon

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I wrote by debut album, Naked Soul, probably 4-5 years ago, and I’ve done a lot of evolving since then. Actually, my entire life is completely different. I’ve learned a lot about myself and through my experiences over the last 2 or so years, I’ve received a lot of inspiration to write my new EP. Sexier beats and deeper lyrics, the new EP is definitely a new sound, while staying true to my soulful roots. It shows a lot of pain that’s come to the surface in my life, and also explores some new feelings and emotions I’ve been experiencing in my relationships. I’ve been working with Cleveland’s most talented producers, namely Kalam Ali, Ken Bell,Demetrious Reed and Rod Moda and literally every song has a fresh new sound. I’ll be releasing my new album single by single, with more visuals, behind the scenes Cleveland Soul Sessions videos, and just a deeper look into who I am as a person, and as an artist.



Photo by: J. McArthur